Arnaud Faverjon

Arnaud Faverjon

Born and raised in a small village near Lyon, France, I started discovering the world with my parents at the age of 8, and never stopped since then.

My first Asian experience was in Laos, where I spent 3 amazing weeks, meeting lovely people and discovering that everything has a different taste. I then moved to China. After a few months in Kunming, exploring the Yunnan province and its minorities, I moved to Guangzhou then finally Shanghai where I am currently based. When it comes to cultures, I fall in love with everything I don't know and am a true lover of the unexpected, of the unconventional. I am really attached to experiencing people's life, touching the real side of things to tell their stories and giving a witness of the world we are living in, with its light, but also its shadows.

To keep that storytelling going on, I started in 2016 a personal project called 'The Postcard', where I invite you to receive a new story every Friday, directly on your email.

I have been published in 'L'Œil de la Photographie', '6 mois' and 'Nothing magazine'.

Feel free to contact me for more information or to enquire about a possible project.